10 F +/-20%
3.8 V
Temp. Range
-15°C to +70°C
8 mm
14 mm


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Features & Benefits:

Tecate Group's Hybrid Capacitors (LIC) provide an alternative energy storage device utilizing best of class EDLC and Lithium Ion technologies. The PBLC™ series features the quick connect Molex 87439-0200 for safe handling for off-board integration, energy dense capacitance in multiple radial designed cylindrical sizes, working voltage up to 3.8V with 500,000 rapid charge/discharge cycles. Additionally, you will find a compact footprint and cylindrical package sizes which maximize space allocation in design. The increased energy and power provided protect critical information from being compromised when sags, dips or outages occur from the main power source.


The PBLC™ series is UL recognized, RoHS and REACH compliant. Ideally suited for applications that require increased voltage, higher energy density and exceptional cycle life which is not available with standard EDLC technology or lithium ion batteries alone. For industrial applications where essential machine controllers can be impacted by unplanned interruptions ride thru power is provided to mitigate these effects. Critical pulse power that is required in utility meters for gas/water where long cycle life and low self-discharge are essential for efficient and reliable operation. Data centers that require reliable, economical and compact energy solutions that address potential loss of cache memory, RAID systems and storage servers that are impacted by unplanned power outages.