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Certifications and Declarations


Tecate Group's primary objective is to exceed the expectations of its customers. As such, Tecate is strongly committed to providing highly reliable electronic components and assemblies. This commitment encompasses the newest and most effective design, manufacturing, testing, and management processes. Tecate Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our quality policy reads:

Tecate Group employees are committed to providing quality products, superior service, competitive prices, and custom solutions built one customer at a time, by continually improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.

Certificate of Registration: ISO 9001:2015


As a leading provider of electronic storage products, Tecate Group provides its customers with environmentally responsive products that contain fewer substances of concern and that consume less energy than those of our competitors. We actively promote eco-friendly manufacturing processes, energy efficiency, and conservation. Our environmental policy reads:

Tecate Group is committed to protecting the environment by focusing on energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and waste reduction. We are committed to meeting all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. Our environmental management system promotes continual environmental improvement of our business processes.

Certificate of Conformance: ISO 14001


Restriction of Hazardous Substances ("RoHS") in electrical and electronic equipment was adopted by the European Union in February 2003 and became law in the member states in July 2006. The purpose of RoHS is to restrict the use of six hazardous substances and address the related waste-management problems that pose health and environmental risks. The six substances are lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE). Many of Tecate Group’s products comply with RoHS regulations.

Certificate of Compliance: RoHS


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals ("REACH") was adopted by the European Union effective June 2007. The purpose of REACH is to register substances with the European Chemicals Agency to promote the health and safety of the public and the environment. Tecate Group REACH COCs can be found at the links below.

Certificate of Compliance: REACH

List of REACH Substances


The electronics industry has established standards to facilitate the adoption of halogen-free electronic products. Tecate Group offers a broad selection of capacitor types that are free of halogen.

Certificate of Conformance: Halogen Free


Providing safe and reliable electronic components and assemblies to our customers is Tecate Group's most enduring commitment. Selected models of Tecate Group's family of capacitors and ultracapacitor cells and modules have achieved safety agency recognitions, providing designers peace of mind when they purchase our safe and reliable components and modules.

UL 810A Recognition - Types: PBL, PBLL, PBLC, PBLC4, PBLL4, TPL, TPLH, TPLS: [PDF] [UL Website]

UL 810 Recognition - Types: 7155, 9024: [PDF] [UL Website]

UL 60384-14 Recognition - Type: MPXM: [PDF] [UL Website]

CAN/CSA E60384-14 Recognition - Type: MPXM: [PDF] [UL Website]

UL 60950:2002 Recognition - Type: CMX: [PDF] [UL Website]

CAN/CSA E60384-14 Recognition - Type: CMX: [PDF] [UL Website]

TUV Recognition - Type: CMX (file 50082160)

TUV Recognition - Type: CMX (file 50223394)

UL Construction Recognition, US - Type: 7124: [PDF] [UL Website]

UL Construction Recognition, Canada - Type: 7124: [PDF] [UL Website]


Corporate social responsibility is fundamental to Tecate Group's core values. As such, we have adopted the Responsible Business Alliance ("RBA") Code of Conduct. The RBA Code of Conduct defines performance, compliance, auditing, and reporting guidelines across five areas of social responsibility: Labor, Ethics, Health & Safety, Environmental, and Management Systems.

RBA - Code of Conduct
Certificate of Compliance: RBA Code of Conduct


"Conflict" minerals are metals such as gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin, and cobalt sourced from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo in areas of conflict controlled by non-government military groups. Illegal mining profits made by these military groups are contributing to human rights abuses, environmental degradation, and theft from the country's citizens. Tecate Group is committed to working with our suppliers to undertake reasonable due diligence with our supply chain to assure that metals used in our products are not sourced from mines in such conflicted areas.

CFSI - Conflict Minerals Declaration
Conflict Minerals Policy


Tecate Group is committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace as well as the protection and preservation of the environment. This commitment aligns with our core values. Our health and safety policy reads:

Tecate Group is committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace, as well as meeting all relevant occupational health and safety legal requirements. Our safety management system promotes continual improvement of our employees' health and safety.


Tecate Group's ultracapacitor cells and modules are not classified as dangerous goods. All ultracapacitor cells and modules presently sold by Tecate Group are less than 10Wh capacity and, when transported as either individual cells or modules, comply with all UN3499 shipping regulations (including Special Provision 361 and 186) as effective January 1, 2013.

Certificate of Compliance: Ultracapacitor Non-Dangerous Goods Statement


Tecate Group's Lithium Hybrid Capacitor cells and modules are not classified as dangerous goods. All hybrid cells and modules presently sold by Tecate Group are less than 20Wh capacity and, when transported as either individual cells or modules, comply with all UN3508 shipping regulations.

Certificate of Compliance: LIC Non-Dangerous Goods Statement

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