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What Is an Ultracapacitor?

An ultracapacitor is an energy-storage device that combines the high-power characteristics of traditional capacitors with a higher-density energy-storage process. These features are enabled by a high surface area of activated carbon electrode materials that store energy electrostatically. When it comes to high-power applications, electrostatic energy-storage technologies enable higher power, longer life, wider operating temperature range, and higher reliability than the traditional electrochemical energy-storage process used in batteries. In fact, ultracapacitors outperform batteries in all major areas except energy density:

Custom Ultracapacitor Solutions

Tecate Group can quickly develop a custom ultracapacitor solution to satisfy even the most demanding applications.


Hybrid Capacitors (LIC) provide an alternative energy storage device utilizing best of class EDLC and Lithium Ion technologies.


Tecate Group offers ultracapacitor cells for sale in a wide range of capacitance values and voltages.


Tecate Group offers ultracapacitors modules for sale in a wide range of capacitance, voltages, and cell configurations.

Characteristic Ultracapacitor Battery
Storage Mechanism Electrostatic Electrochemical
Internal Resistance Low High
Cycle Life 1 million 300–4,000
Calendar Life 10+ years 3–5 years
Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C -10°C to +50°C
Toxic Materials No Yes
Energy Density Low High

Ultracapacitor Applications

The applications for ultracapacitors fall broadly into two categories, backup power and pulse power:

The Markets section of our website provides many additional examples of ultracapacitor applications across a range of industries.

Ultracapacitor Operating Considerations

Ultracapacitors are at 0V when shipped from the factory, so will need to be charged prior to initial use. If connecting individual cells in series, a voltage management circuit should be used for each cell to ensure optimal life. All Tecate standard modules with cells connected in series include appropriate voltage management circuitry. In some applications, customers may decide to use temperature monitoring and/or over-voltage alarm circuits for additional life assurance and safety

Tecate Product Offerings

At Tecate Group, we offer a variety of standard ultracapacitor cells in addition to standard modules. We also evaluate non-standard cell and module design requirements and provide custom solutions.

Custom Ultracapacitor Solutions

Tecate Group excels in developing custom ultracapacitor solutions tailored to meet even the most demanding application needs. With a focus on in-house design expertise, Tecate efficiently creates proof-of-concept prototypes to validate custom designs promptly.

Emphasizing open communication and collaboration, Tecate ensures that custom solutions align with stringent quality standards and technical requirements. Our broad industry expertise allows us to cater to diverse sectors such as automotive, industrial, and renewable energy. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction makes us a trusted partner for organizations seeking customized energy storage solutions.

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Tecate’s Experience

Tecate Group was founded in 1975 as a capacitor manufacturing company, and as ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors have been developed and come into prominent usage over the past 20 years, Tecate Group has supplied millions of cells and modules to companies across a wide variety of markets and applications. Our engineering and design teams are based at our company headquarters in San Diego, California, USA. We offer both standard and customized cells and modules. Our products are manufactured at our partner facilities in Asia-Pacific and Mexico.

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