1.2 F
5.5 V
Temp. Range
-40°C to +85°C
39 mm
17 mm


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CAP-XX® Supercapacitor

The double sided adhesive tape is suitable for temperatures up to 85C. It can be used for more secure mounting of the supercapacitor to improve resistance to shock or drop tests, and also insulates the bare copper areas under the supercapacitor so PCB traces can be routed under these areas. The tape ads 0.1mm to the thickness of the part. Remove the release tape to expose the adhesive area.

HS230 series supercapacitors offer a very low profile, cost-effective and high performance solution to the power delivery limitations of batteries and other current-limited energy sources in an environmentally robust package.

CAP-XX high temperature supercapacitors:

  • Store sufficient energy to meet large power surges (high capacitance)
  • Provide the power to meet peak current loads (best in class ESR)
  • Offer long-life performance at up to 5.5V (low dESR & leakage current)
  • Operate across a wide environmental range
  • The smallest and thinnest form factor for any given ESR and capacitance
  • RoHS Compliant 

Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Please confirm technical specifications with Tecate Group before purchasing. Also see CAP-XX Disclaimer of Warranty


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