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Ultracapacitors and Capacitors

Tecate Ultracapacitors

Tecate offers a wide range of ultracapacitors for sale online at various voltage and capacitance levels. With multiple packaging and interconnect schemes, these cells and modules can be placed in series and/or parallel formats to satisfy nearly any capacitance and voltage requirements. Tecate's value-added manufacturing capabilities allow Tecate to supply products tailored to customers' needs with very short turnaround times.

Our Ultrapacitor Products


Hybrid Capacitors (LIC) provide an alternative energy storage device utilizing best of class EDLC and Lithium Ion technologies.


Tecate Group offers ultracapacitor cells for sale in a wide range of capacitance values and voltages.


Tecate Group offers ultracapacitors modules for sale in a wide range of capacitance, voltages, and cell configurations.


Tecate Group can quickly develop a custom ultracapacitor solution to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

Tecate Capacitors

Tecate carries a comprehensive inventory of industry-standard products in both through-hole and surface-mount configurations. Offering a breadth of capacitor products, coupled with superb technical support, Tecate's wide-ranging capacitor lineup makes it easy to find the product that fits your needs.

Our Capacitor Products