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Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio Jumps on Ultracapacitor Train

Vinnie Rossi, known for revolutionizing audio equipment through his use of batteries in his Red Wine Audio brand, has introduced a new audio unit called LIO. Instead of using batteries in his latest product, Rossi chose to use ultracapacitors as the power source. Rossi attributes his decision to the ultracapacitors' longer life, higher current, faster delivery, and greater user-friendliness. Not only does the new LIO unit enjoy those ultracapacitor benefits, but the unit is also incredibly flexible and fully customizable. This is also true of the standard and custom ultracapacitor cells and modules produced by Tecate. The LIO serves as further proof that ultracapacitors are indeed the power source of the future.

RMAF 2014: Ultra-Flexible, the LIO from Vinnie Rossi

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