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Tecate's Newest PowerBurst Ultracapacitor Series Is Drop-In Replacement to Popular Maxwell Modules

16.2V Parts Optimized for Energy Storage and Power Delivery Requirements

Of Industrial & Automotive Applications


San Diego, CA, April 14, 2010...Tecate Industries, a leading global supplier of capacitors and ultracapacitors, today announced the release of the PBD PowerBurst Ultracapacitor Modules, offered as a drop-in replacement for Maxwell Technologies' discontinued BC BPAK0052/0058, and BC BMOD0052/0058 ultracapacitor series.  Tecate's newest multi-cell modules were developed together with Maxwell, and notably employ their radial 350F, 2.7V ultracapacitor cells to facilitate a 58 F module with a very low ESR of 22.4 mohms and 16.2V working voltage.  Targeting industrial OEMs/ODMs, the compact PBD modules are uniquely designed to provide cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions for UPS (uninterruptable power supply), telecommunications and other industrial electronics applications.  Comprised of RoHS-compliant, UL Recognized ultracapacitor cells, the modules further boast an active cell balancing topology to provide efficient balancing between the cells and to minimize any additional current leakage.  Parts are designed to withstand over 500,000 cycles or 10 years of life under specified operating conditions.


Tecate's PowerBurst PBD Ultracapacitor Modules may be confidently specified to perform a variety of energy-storage and power-delivery functions in a broad range of both "peak power shaving" and "back-up power assist" applications, including transportation, industrial systems and equipment.  Parts are highly appropriate for use in rail systems, windmill pitch control systems, and wireless transmission applications. 


The ultracapacitor modules feature a capacitance of 58.0 F, and a working voltage of 16.2V.  The small footprint, shrink-wrapped, screw terminal modules weigh 514 grams and measure 229 mm (L) x 68 mm (W) x 38 mm (H).  For more demanding applications, PBD modules are available encased in a rugged, aluminum housing.  These robust parts are provided with mounting slots, weigh 943 grams, and measure 233 mm (L) x 85 mm (W) x 44 mm (H).  PowerBurst PBD modules are rated for an operating temperature -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C.


In quantities of 5+, per piece pricing for Tecate’s PowerBurst PBD shrink-wrapped ultracapacitor modules is $204.00, and $230.00 for the aluminum-encased version.   Delivery is 4-6 weeks ARO.  Custom orders are welcome.  For additional information, visit