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Tecate's Custom Quick-Turn Ultracapactior Modules Target Military Applications

Modules Based on UL 810A Recognized PowerBurst® or BoostCap® 2.7V Ultracapacitor Cells

San Diego, CA, July 6, 2010...Announced today by Tecate Group, a leading global supplier of capacitors and ultracapacitors, is the quick-turnaround availability of custom ultracapacitor modules expressly engineered to accelerate the development of military ground-mobile, sea, and airborne products and systems. Tecate's customization capabilities, including the use of SolidWorks® 3D mechanical CAD (MCAD) software, allow system designers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness as well as superior application engineering support. Offered to provide cost-effective energy storage and robust power delivery solutions, especially in low temperatures, modules employ either Tecate's PowerBurst®, or Maxwell Technologies' BoostCap® ultracapacitor cells. The 2.7V, high power density UL 810A Recognized, RoHS-compliant cells feature capacitance values ranging from 0.5F to 3000F and low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) to promote optimal performance in mission-critical military applications. Modules further boast passive or active cell balancing topology to ensure efficient balancing between cells and to minimize any additional current leakage. Internal cell balancing facilitates "plug and play" capabilities along with module-to-module balancing for systems with higher voltage requirements. Modules notably withstand over one million cycles.

Tecate's quick-turn custom modules exhibit numerous performance characteristics that make them ideally suited for powering, backing up, or bridging power in such military and aerospace applications as tactical vehicles or electromagnetic (EM) armor and weapons. They are frequently designed for use in backup power for electronics in military vehicles, fire control systems in tanks and armored vehicles, airbag deployment and black box on helicopters, and backup power/memory hold-up for emergency handheld radios. Modules are moreover appropriate in peak power applications to facilitate reliable communication transmission on land-based vehicles, active suspension for vehicle stabilization, GPS guided missiles and projectile systems, cold engine start, and buss voltage hold-up during peak currents. In sea applications, modules are used for high power discharge in naval warfare (unmanned boats), all electric aircraft launch on aircraft carriers, power source for magnetic drivers that power munitions elevators on aircraft carriers, and to bridge power when switching over from ground to onboard aircraft subsystems for data retention. They are also commonly employed in pulsed laser radar systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). For additional information, visit

Tecate's quick-turn custom ultracapacitor modules are available encased in a rugged, aluminum housing and an array of custom packaging alternatives. A wide choice of mounting options, together with cables and interconnect options are offered.

Firm pricing is determined according to customers' specifications. Custom evaluation samples commonly ship within 6-8 weeks.