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New Tecate PowerBurst PBM Modules

Tecate Group introduces new series of modules utilizing Maxwell BoostCap® ultracapacitors.

Tecate PowerBurst PBM Ultracapacitor Modules

The new PBM series ultracapacitor modules expand on Tecate's patented interlocking endcap design, to offer a variety of cell configurations using either the 650 or 3000F Maxwell Boostcap® cells, with voltages up to 64.8V. These modules can be used in applications requiring short term primary power, or back-up power in conjunction with batteries, or other primary energy sources like solar or fuel cells.

Click here to see the full list of configurations available and purchase them online!

PBM Accessories:  Optional battery posts, interconnect/power cables, buss bars, joint plates and side panels are available for further module system integration

PBM Accessories