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Tecate Group Announces 800 Farad High-Capacitance Snap-In Ultracapacitor

Tecate Group Enhances Its Medium-Cell Product Offering With 800F TPLH™

San Diego, CA, September 5, 2023…Tecate Group today announced the addition of a high-capacitance 800F, 2.7V TPLH™ ultracapacitor to its already extensive TPLH™ and TPLS™ medium-cell offerings. The 800F, 2.7V TPLH™ cell offers a low-ESR solution for high-power applications in addition to exceptional capacitance. It is UL recognized and RoHS and REACH compliant, with industry-standard snap-in connector termination.

This new TPLH™ cell provides ultra-high charge and discharge rates, excellent stability, long cycle life, and very high power density, which makes it ideal for use in robotics, material handling, military applications, consumer devices, and handheld scanners, and also as data center short-term power backup. Working either in conjunction with or as a standalone alternative to batteries, ultracapacitors in general and the 800F TPLH™ cell in particular help reduce maintenance requirements and provide a long operational life and cost-effective energy storage for applications that require extremely reliable backup power, pulse power, or voltage control.

The 800F, 2.7V TPLH™ cells operate at a temperature range of -40°C to +65°C (with expanded operating temperature to +85°C with voltage derating to 2.3V), with industry-accepted capacitance tolerances with guaranteed minimum value (GVM), projected cycle life of 500,000, and load life performance of 10 years. For more information about Tecate Group's innovative TPLH™ series of ultracapacitors and the high-capacitance 800F cell, visit Digi-Key,, our global distribution partner, has our new offering in stock for immediate delivery.

Tecate Group is a world-recognized supplier of ultracapacitor products with exceptional power and energy density that are manufactured to the highest degrees of quality and reliability. They are fully compliant with RoHS, REACH, and UL requirements. Our mission is to provide customer-driven power solutions through enhanced innovation in the development of standard products as well as customized cells and modules. Additional information can be found at