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Tecate Announces The Online Availability Of Maxwell's Boostcap® Ultracapacitors

Purchases Ranging From Prototype Quantities

To Full Production Orders Readily Accommodated


San Diego, CA October 22, 2007…Announced today by Tecate Group, a leading global supplier of ultracapacitors and capacitors, is the Company’s capability to accept online purchases of Maxwell Technologies’ PC, BC, and MC Series Boostcap® Ultracapacitors.  Tecate is an authorized distributor for the full Boostcap Ultracapacitor line in North America and India, and is currently the only source for purchasing Boostcap cells and modules online.  Offered to satisfy engineers’ and purchasing professionals’ need to speed products’ time-to-market, Tecate accepts orders in prototype as well as in full production quantities, and normally ships the next business day.  The Company is additionally a value-added partner for custom assemblies employing the Boostcap product line.


The Boostcap offering includes cells and modules optimized for power and energy applications, and features excellent high/low temperature tolerance, no cycling degradation, small form factors, and up to a 20-year lifespan.  Customers may place online orders for the prismatic, solder-lead PC Series for general-purpose applications, the cylindrical BC Series (standard C Cell™ and D cell™ cell sizes) for medium power and energy requirements, and the MC Series for use in large power and energy systems.  As a result, Boostcaps are specified for use in a wide array of applications including providing, holding up, or bridging power until the back-up power source “kicks-in” when the primary power source fails.  They are also appropriate in applications where power needs to be maintained while batteries are swapped out.  Moreover, ultracapacitors are used in tandem with batteries or other power sources where batteries alone do not meet performance objectives.  Among their most common usages are in automatic meter readers, automotive subsystems, industrial electronics, consumer hand-held and portable electronics, wireless transmission, short-term UPS and telecom systems, and renewable energy applications. 


The UL-Recognized, RoHS-compliant products are stocked in voltages ranging of from 2.5V to 48V, while 390V modules are also available.  Standard parts are provided with capacitances ranging from 2F to 3,000F, and feature temperature ranges from -40 degrees to +70 degrees C.  Capacitance tolerance is +/-20%.  To learn more about Tecate’s off-the-shelf and custom ultracapacitor solutions, or to place an online order, visit