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Tecate Now Offers Cap-XX General-Purpose Supercapacitors For Portable And Hand-Held Applications

Small, Thin Devices Permit Low Temperature Operation and Reduce EMI Noise to Optimize Transmission Reliability and Signal Quality


San Diego, CA, February 21, 2008… Tecate Group, a leading global supplier of supercapacitors and capacitors, today announced the availability of CAP-XX’s ultra-thin G Series of general-purpose supercapacitors.  Comprised of the GS and GW Series of single-cell and dual-cell supercapacitors, the RoHS-compliant parts offer an ideal solution to the power delivery limitations of batteries and other current-limited energy sources, including conventional capacitors.  These parts, which boast low impedance, a very low profile, and competitive pricing, are well suited for cost-sensitive portable applications.  The supercapacitors offer long-life performance at up to 2.3V in the single-cell versions and 4.5V in dual-cell configurations, with two cells connected in series.  Both versions operate from -40 degrees C to +75 degrees C while providing the smallest and thinnest form factor for any specified ESR and capacitance.


  1. Moreover, the parts extend products’ battery life, run-time and stand-by time, especially in low temperature environments.   


The low ESR, high capacitance supercapacitors provide the power to meet peak current loads, while storing enough energy to meet large power surges.  The GW Series features a very small  28.5 x 17.0mm footprint and combines high capacitance (C up to 0.4 Farad at 4.5V) with low equivalent-series-resistance (ESR as low as 60 milliohm) in a thin (0.90 to 2.90mm) package.


The GS Series features a small 39.0 x 17.0mm footprint and combines high capacitance (C

up to 0.7 Farad at 4.5V) with a very low ESR (as low as 34 milliohm) in the same thin (0.90 to 2.9mm) package.  To learn more about the Series of general-purpose supercapacitors, or to order samples, production, or prototype quantities online, visit