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Tecate Announces New Binning/Matched Pair Capabilities

Expanded Capabilities Includes Binning and Matched Pair Options for SMT and Through-Hole Capacitors

San Diego, CA, April 25, 2016…Tecate Group today announced its expanded binning and matched pair test capabilities for SMT and through-hole capacitors at its San Diego, California, facility. Through the development of its own proprietary test algorithm, Tecate Group has been providing precision tolerance capacitors for various frequency-tuning, notched-filter, and bridge-network-balancing applications for many years, and its latest advancements now allow it to provide an even broader range of these value-added services to customers. Multiple readings are taken on each device to ensure no out-of-bin failures, and this ability to tightly group capacitance values allows end users to efficiently make final circuit adjustments.

Tecate’s binning capability extends up to 100 bins and includes a bin range down to 0.1% with a bin tolerance of +/- 0.05%. Tecate’s matched pair capability allows it to match pairs to within 0.002%. Each pair is delivered in a single bag with a unique serial number and contains the capacitance readings of both capacitors in the pair (the original readings are kept electronically). Tecate also offers matched triplets (sets of three matched capacitors).

Tecate’s binning and matched pair services are offered for SMT NPO Ceramic, SMT PPS, and Polypropylene film dielectrics. For more information and to take advantage of Tecate’s unique and extensive binning and matched pair capabilities, visit