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Tecate Introduces PowerBurst PBLE and PBLLE Ultracapacitor Module Families


High-Temperature Modules Offer Performance to 85°C


Tecate Group PBLE & PBLLE ultracapacitor modulesThe newest addition to the Tecate PowerBurst® ultracapacitor module family, the PBLE and PBLLE lines of 4.6V modules offer users board-mountable or plug-in interconnect modules for applications where electronics are subjected to temperatures up to 85°C. With US-based design and application engineering, as well as prototyping, Tecate enables designers to get from concept to implementation faster than anyone else in the industry. As with all Tecate PowerBurst cells and modules, the PBLE and PBLLE lines offer a more economical and greener solution versus battery backup alternatives; while batteries must be replaced every two to three years, depending on type, ultracapacitors can be sized for the life of the application. These PBLE and PBLLE modules can reduce or eliminate the high replacement costs for batteries related to field time and materials required.


The variety of available capacitance values allows users to work with Tecate’s engineering team to determine the best module solution based on key electrical parameters, space availability, and required backup time to meet any specifications necessary for the modules to function effectively as micro UPS sources. The PBLE and PBLLE modules are most commonly specified for short-term backup power applications, allowing graceful shutdown without loss of data, as well as for peak-power handling, where designers can take advantage of the very low ESR characteristics of these modules. Use with batteries can extend battery life significantly by allowing the ultracapacitor modules to handle the peak currents that would otherwise need to be factored into the battery sizing. These modules have a 500,000-cycle life, based on cycles from full-rated voltage to half-rated voltage. The modules are also an excellent choice for pulse power and hold-up power applications in a variety of handheld and portable devices.


The PBLE and PBLLE module lines are rated at 4.6V and are available in capacitance values ranging from 2.5F to 12.5F; modules can also be custom-developed based on users’ unique requirements. The PBLE modules boast peak current handling up to 16A, and the PBLLE modules support up to 11A. The modules are available in dimensions from 11.5mm (D) x 23.5mm (L) x 22mm (W) to 17.5mm (D) x 29.5mm (L) x 34mm (W). The modules are 100% RoHs compliant and use the popular Tecate TPLE series of UL-recognized EDLC cells. Delivery is from stock to 8 weeks ARO. For more information about Tecate’s PowerBurst ultracapacitor modules, and to purchase them, visit