Cable & Wire Harnesses

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One of our more specialized areas of audio expertise is our audio cable and wiring harness custom design.  We produce harnesses for the automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, lighting, medical, marine, and professional audio industries.  Our engineers can help you design a full range of audio cable and wiring harnesses.  Our manufacturing partners will assemble your audio harnesses and ship them worldwide.

The Tecate Advantage: Cable & Wiring Harness Products

Tecate has provided a variety of cable and wiring harnesses to many different industries for over 20 years.  Our experience and quality production methods allow us to meet your needs for design, quality, price, and more.  Our harness specialties include:

  • Electrical cable and wiring harnesses
  • Multi-conductor cable assemblies
  • Custom audio cables
  • Power cables
  • Molded cable assemblies
  • Oxygen-free copper wire and audiophile-grade assemblies
  • Standard and special connectors
  • Simple-to-complex configurations as needed

The Tecate Advantage: Cable & Wiring Harness Applications and Markets

  • Automotive Applications and Markets

Tecate has produced harnesses for the automotive industry for many years.  We understand the importance of high quality and the value this provides over the life of a product.  We are very familiar with the automotive part approval process and the detailed documentation required to move from the design phase into full production.  Tecate has particular experience designing cable and wiring harnesses for automotive radio and stereo systems.

The Tecate Advantage: Cable & Wiring Harness Features

  • Quality Components

We understand the importance of using only high-quality components to ensure that all of the harnesses we manufacture will perform consistently over many years.  Tecate’s extensive offshore resources allow us to offer you a wide range of custom components at very competitive prices.

  • Wire

We have a variety of wire sizes, colors, and types available from which you can select.

  • Production

We offer low-volume to high-volume production, with both automated and manual assembly, to fit your preferences.  We have various production techniques available to meet the specific needs of your design.  Our capabilities include wire marking and identification; splicing and ultrasonic welding; over-molding; high-speed wire cutting and stripping; automated crimping and termination; and in-line component integration.  We can also prepare your harness for weatherproof applications.

  • Testing

Our harness facility produces only RoHS-compliant assemblies. All harnesses are 100% electrically, dimensionally, and visually inspected prior to delivery.

Why Tecate?: Value-Added Services

  • The Customer Service Advantage

Exceptional customer service is the hallmark of the Tecate Group’s success.  Over many years, we have earned an outstanding reputation for consistently superior service and flexibility through our hard work and the value we place on our customer relationships.

  • The Documentation Advantage

We create and control complete AutoCAD specification documentation of your harness’ designs and artwork, incorporating 3-D modeling where appropriate.

  • The Prototyping Advantage

We produce quick-turn prototype harness samples in our San Diego lab, allowing you to approve designs quickly and thereby improve your time to market.

  • The Inventory Control Advantage

We provide logistics management and worldwide shipping direct from Asia or from our California warehouse.  We offer inventory programs customized to meet your needs, including blanket orders and safety stock.

Contact us to begin constructing your cable or wiring harness today!