Type CMC
Ceramic multi-layer chip capactitor


  • Surface Mount
  • Suitable for Reflow Soldering
  • Excellent Frequency Characteristics
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Available with Flexible Termination


  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial
  • Lighting/LED
  • Automation
  • Meters/Controls
  • Audio

Part Number Example

Type Rated DC
code (pF)
Capacitance Code: First two digits represent significant figures, third digit represents multiplier (number of zeros).
Rated Voltage: 4R0 = 4V; 6R3 = 6.3V; 010 = 10V; 016 = 16V; 025 = 25V; 035 = 35V; 050 = 50V; 100 = 100V; 200 = 200V
Dielectric Material: N = NP0, X5 = X5R, X = X7R, Y = Y5V
Package Code: T = 7” Tape & Reel, T13 = 13” Tape & Reel, W = Waffle.
Option: Blank=Standard, F=Flex term.

General Specifications

Operating temperature
Capacitance range0.5pF to 330µF
Capacitance toleranceNP0: C<10pf - ±.0.5pF (D), ±0.25pF (C), ±0.1pF (B), C≥10pf - ±1% (F), ±2% (G), ±5% (J), ±10% (K)
X5R: ±10% (K), ±20% (M)
X7R: ±5% (J), ±10% (K), ±20% (M)
Y5V: +80/-20% (Z)
Rated voltage range4 VDC to 200 VDC
Temperature coefficientNP0: 0ppm/°C ± 30ppm/°C from -55°C ~ +125°C
X5R: ±15% Δ°C maximum from -55°C ~ +85°C
X7R: ±15% Δ°C maximum from -55°C ~ +125°C
Y5V: +22% ~ 82% Δ°C maximum from -30°C ~ +85°C
Withstanding voltage (between leads)2.5 times rated voltage, 50mA maximum for 1 second
Minimum insulation resistance10G Ω or 500meg Ω x Farads, whichever is less, measured @ rated voltage.
Dissipation factorNP0: 0.1% maximum
X5R: 10% maximum
X7R: 2.5% @ 1.0Vrms, except 16 & 25 VDC 3.5% @ 16 & 25 VDC
Y5V: 5%
Testing ConditionsNP0:
1MHz ± 50Hz @ 1.0 Vrms ± 0.20 Vrms (Values ≤ 100pF)
1KHz ± 50Hz @ 1.0 Vrms ±0.20 Vrms (Values > 100pF)

1KHz ± 50Hz @ 1.0 Vrms ± 0.20 Vrms (Values ≤ 10µF)
120Hz ± 50Hz @ 0.5 Vrms ±0.20 Vrms (Values > 10µF)

1KHz ± 50Hz @ 1.0 Vrms ± 0.20 Vrms (Values ≤ 10µF)
120Hz ± 50Hz @ 0.5 Vrms ±0.20 Vrms (Values > 10µF)

1KHz ± 50Hz @ 1.0 Vrms ± 0.20 Vrms (Values ≤ 10µF)
120Hz ± 50Hz @ 0.5 Vrms ±0.20 Vrms (Values > 10µF)


Size mm (in)

size length width thickness endband
02010.61 (0.024)0.31 (0.012)0.36 (0.014)0.15 (0.006)
04021.02 (0.040)0.51 (0.020)0.56 (0.022)0.25 (0.010)
06031.60 (0.063)0.81 (0.032)0.94 (0.037)0.41 (0.016)
08052.01 (0.079)1.25 (0.049)1.45 (0.057)0.71 (0.028)
12063.20 (0.126)1.60 (0.063)1.80 (0.071)1.50 (0.059)
12103.20 (0.126)2.49 (0.098)2.79 (0.110)1.50 (0.059)
18124.60 (0.181)3.20 (0.126)3.20 (0.126)0.31 (0.012)
18254.60 (0.181)6.35 (0.250)3.20 (0.126)0.31 (0.012)
22205.59 (0.220)5.00 (0.197)3.20 (0.126)0.31 (0.012)
22255.59 (0.220)6.35 (0.250)3.20 (0.126)0.31 (0.012)


NP016 1,000pF to 2,200pF100pF to 0.015µF120pF to 0.047µF
NP0250.5pF to 220pF0.5pF to 2,200pF120pF to 0.01µF120pF to 0.047µF120pF to 0.1µF2,200pF to 0.22µF0.12µF to 0.22µF
NP05010pF to 220pF0.5pF to 1,500pF0.5pF to 0.01µF0.5pF to 0.033µF0.5pF to 0.1µF12pF to 0.15µF1,000pF to 0.22µF0.01µF to 0.047µF0.01µF to 0.47µF0.01µF to 0.15µF
NP0100 0.5pF to 1,000pF0.5pF to 0.01µF0.5pF to 0.033µF0.5pF to 0.1µF27pF to 0.1µF1,000pF to 0.15µF0.01µF to 0.033µF0.01µF to 0.33µF0.01µF to 0.068µF
NP0200 2pF to 680pF1pF to 3,900pF2pF to 0.01µF100pF to 5,600pF150pF to 0.1µF0.01µF to 0.1µF0.01µF to 0.047µF0.01µF to 0.056µF
X5R40.01µF to 1µF0.47µF to 10µF2.2µF to 22µF47µF to 100µF47µF to 220µF22µF to 330µF
X5R6.34,700pF to 1µF0.015µF to 10µF0.82µF to 22µF1µF to 47µF2.2µF to 100µF10µF to 220µF33µF to 100µF 100µF to 100µF
X5R101,000pF to 1µF0.01µF to 10µF0.22µF to 22µF0.22µF to 47µF1µF to 100µF3.3µF to 100µF22µF to 100µF 68µF to 100µF
X5R16100pF to 0.22µF0.01µF to 2.2µF0.068µF to 10µF0.33µF to 22µF1µF to 47µF2.2µF to 100µF22µF to 33µF 33µF to 47µF
X5R25100pF to 0.22µF0.01µF to 2.2µF0.033µF to 10µF0.22µF to 22µF1µF to 33µF1µF to 47µF10µF to 22µF 22µF to 22µF
X5R35 0.068µF to 2.2µF0.015µF to 4.7µF0.47µF to 22µF1µF to 22µF1µF to 10µF
X5R50100pF to 0.01µF0.01µF to 0.47µF0.047µF to 2.2µF0.22µF to 4.7µF1µF to 10µF1µF to 10µF 10µF to 10µF
X7R6.31,000pF to 0.01µF0.01µF to 1µF0.033µF to 10µF1µF to 10µF2.2µF to 22µF4.7µF to 47µF
X7R10100pF to 0.01µF0.01µF to 0.47µF0.1µF to 2.2µF0.22µF to 10µF1µF to 22µF2.2µF to 47µF22µF to 22µF
X7R16100pF to 0.01µF1,000pF to 0.22µF0.01µF to 2.2µF0.1µF to 10µF0.47µF to 22µF0.47µF to 22µF10µF to 33µF 22µF to 47µF
X7R25100pF to 0.01µF100pF to 0.22µF100pF to 1µF1,000pF to 4.7µF0.1µF to 10µF0.1µF to 22µF3.3µF to 22µF 10µF to 33µF
X7R35 1µF to 10µF10µF to 10µF
X7R50100pF to 1,500pF100pF to 0.1µF100pF to 1µF100pF to 2.2µF1,000pF to 4.7µF1,000pF to 10µF0.1µF to 6.8µF0.33µF to 2.2µF0.33µF to 15µF0.33µF to 4.7µF
X7R100 220pF to 4,700pF100pF to 0.1µF100pF to 0.47µF1,000pF to 2.2µF1,000pF to 2.2µF0.01µF to 2.2µF0.1µF to 10µF0.1µF to 10µF0.1µF to 10µF
X7R200 100pF to 0.01µF100pF to 0.056µF1,000pF to 0.22µF1,000pF to 0.68µF0.01µF to 1µF0.01µF to 3.3µF0.01µF to 3.3µF0.01µF to 4.7µF
Y5V40.1µF to 0.1µF
Y5V6.30.01µF to 0.1µF0.01µF to 1µF0.47µF to 10µF1µF to 22µF10µF to 100µF22µF to 100µF100µF to 100µF
Y5V102,200pF to 0.01µF0.022µF to 1µF0.15µF to 4.7µF0.68µF to 10µF1µF to 22µF1.5µF to 47µF47µF to 100µF 100µF to 100µF
Y5V160.01µF to 0.01µF0.01µF to 0.47µF0.022µF to 2.2µF0.1µF to 10µF0.1µF to 22µF0.33µF to 47µF22µF to 47µF 100µF to 100µF
Y5V25 0.01µF to 0.22µF0.01µF to 1µF0.047µF to 4.7µF0.1µF to 10µF0.33µF to 22µF4.7µF to 22µF 47µF to 47µF
Y5V35 2.2µF to 10µF10µF to 10µF
Y5V50 4,700pF to 0.022µF1,000pF to 0.47µF0.01µF to 2.2µF0.1µF to 4.7µF0.22µF to 10µF10µF to 10µF 3.3µF to 22µF
Y5V100 0.47µF to 0.68µF