Ultracapacitor Metering (AMR) Applications

Tecate Group ultracapacitors and ultracapacitor assemblies offer a broad line of off the shelf and custom solutions for the most demanding back-up power applications. From design to production, Tecate offers industry leading service and expertise to quickly turn ideas into products.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) / Smart Grid Applications:

  • Battery-free “Last Gasp” power
  • Supplement to batteries for low temperature boost
  • Battery runtime extension
  • High current pulse requirements
  • Peak power for data transmission

Why Tecate?

Our engineering staff provides design support for both mechanical and electrical parameters. During the critical proof of concept phase of development, Tecate’s unique ability to deliver custom evaluation prototypes quickly allows improved time to market.


  • Quickturn designs in the USA
  • Application engineering support
  • SolidWorks 3D modeling
  • Custom packaging alternatives
  • Mounting options
  • Multiple interconnect option
Automatic meter reading / Smart Grid


  • PowerBurst ultracapacitor cells ranging from 2.5 to
    2.7V and capacitance from 0.5 to 400F
  • Custom ultracapacitor cell size and values to meet
    space-restricted requirements
  • Standard 5.0 and 5.4V modules with active or passive
    cell balancing. Available with radial leads or flexible
    wire and connector, eliminating the need for soldering
  • Custom PowerBurst modules offering higher voltages,
    advanced circuitry and packaging options to meet
    application specific requirements
  • Tecate PowerBurst® PC5 and Maxwell PC10 prismatic ultracapacitors for low profile
  • Ultra low profile PBF modules for space-constrained
  • CAP-XX supercapacitors: surface mountable,
    lowest ESR and lowest profile
PwerBurst PBL PowerBurst TPL
Cap-XX Maxwell


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