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Taiwan Begins Testing Supercapacitor-Powered, Cable-Free Rail System

The city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has begun testing the world’s only completely cable-free rail system. Instead of relying on an overhead network of power cables to move them, the light-rail trains employ supercapacitors with wireless charging systems to get them from station to station. Taiwan partnered with Spain-based company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) to build the trains, which can charge in only 20 seconds. Tecate Group is a distributor and integrator of Maxwell supercapacitor cells and modules.

Supercapacitor-Powered, Cable-Free Rail System

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Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit

Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit Logo

Tecate will be exhibiting at the Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit in Detroit next week, March 16-18 - http://www.lighttacticalvehiclesummit.com.  This event focuses on the recent vehicle programs and modernization initiatives in military vehicle fleets.  Tecate designs and manufactures a complete line of long life ultracapacitor cells and custom module solutions to replace battery packs.  We have successfully designed systems for BPS in AFES applications. 


Brendan Andrews
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Tecate Announces Extended Voltage Range for PowerBurst Series

Tecate Expands Voltage Range of PBLS Line of Ultracapacitor Modules

San Diego, CA, March 28, 2016…Tecate Group announces the addition of 21.6V and 27V modules to the PBLS family of products. The PBLS series of ultracapacitor modules expands the lineup of TPL-based modules to include voltages ranging from 8.1V to 27V, with capacitance values starting at 1F and options up to 16.66F. Small-diameter cells have been incorporated into many of the module designs, providing the slim profile that is a critical consideration in most applications. All modules have a maximum thickness of 14mm and are available with custom lead lengths and connector configurations that allow users more flexibility in placement. 

These modules offer short-term backup power to fulfill safe shutdown requirements in the event of primary power loss, and can be used in conjunction with batteries in applications like uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, low-voltage emergency lighting, and board-mounted backup in solid-state disk drives (SSD) used in enterprise computing systems. Tecate’s PowerBurst® modules can be sized for the life of the end product, which offers maintenance-free backup and disposal benefits versus batteries.

In addition to providing backup power for applications like automatic meter readers (AMR), write-cache protection in enterprise servers, and last-gasp power for networks, the Tecate PowerBurst modules are also an excellent choice for battery-powered tools and other handheld electronic devices that have a need for peak-power handling. This peak-power handling is enabled by the very low ESR (equivalent series resistance) of the Tecate modules, which allows rapid power delivery and fast recharging. The modules extend the life of batteries and may even allow for the use of smaller, less expensive batteries in some applications. Other applications for the PBLS series include automotive subsystems, medical devices, solar-charged devices, and wireless transmission. 

All cells used in the Tecate PBLS series are UL810A recognized and RoHS compliant. On-board passive balancing is included to ensure voltage equalization across the pack. A thermistor is also included in the module, allowing for the internal temperature of the module to be monitored by external circuitry. This feature allows the user to make sure end products are used within specified temperature ranges. Please see the datasheet for detailed specifications. Prototype quantities are now available from stock and can be purchased from http://www.tecategroup.com.