Back-up power for military applications

Batteries optional!

As the applications for ultracapacitors and supercapacitors grow, the Military market segment has demonstrated an increasing need for custom ultracapacitor modules, to address a variety of power challenges. Custom PowerBurst ultracapacitor solutions from Tecate Group fills this need. Based on the unique characteristics of Ultracapacitors, which allow quick power delivery, superior low temperature operation and the ability to handle up to a million cycles, PowerBurst custom modules are replacing, or augmenting, batteries in a multitude of applications. To learn more about PowerBurst ultracapacitors and how they work please take a few minutes to review the Tecate Powerburst Technical Guide.


  • Backup power for electronics in military vehicles
  • Backup power for fire control systems in tanks and armored vehicles
  • Backup power for airbag deployment
  • Backup power/memory hold-up emergency handheld radio
  • GPS guided missiles and projectiles
  • High power discharge for naval warfare
  • Cold engine start
  • Vehicle stabilizer: active suspension
  • Peak power: communication transmission
  • UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Radar: Pulse Power
  • Buss voltage hold-up during peak currents
  • Bridge power: switching from ground to on-board aircraft for data retention
Military/Aerospace Brochure
See the Tecate Military/Aerospace brochure to read more about our breadth of design capabilities and examples of applications we are currently supporting.

Custom Designs

Quickturn custom designs:

Mechanical and electrical designers on staff enable the Tecate Group design team to quickly size a module that will handle your power requirements and meet any unique packaging demands. From milliFards to 1000F+, Tecate offers a wide array of modules to meet your requirements. Tecate also offers designers our on-line design tool to do initial estimation of the ultracapacitors required for a given application.

Batteries? Who needs batteries?:

Ultracapacitors can replace batteries in short term applications, and allow for a dramatic reduction in the battery size, in peak current applications. In addition, ultracapacitors are maintenance free, which is a tremendous long term cost benefit, eliminating replacement costs. No toxic battery disposal!! A greener alternative, as the ultracapacitors are much more environmentally friendly vs. batteries.

PowerBurst PBLL

PowerBurst Family:

Tecate's standard offering of ultracapacitor modules include our PB-Active, PB-Passive, PBL 5.4V, PBL 16.2V, and PBLL series offering a variety of cap values, voltages and interconnect options to chose from. Coming soon will be the new PBM series that will use the unique end cap design, developed and patented by Tecate, to allow for quick assembly of multiple module form factors and voltages. These modules utilize the Maxwell K2 large cell ultracapacitors.

On-line store:

Quickly order PowerBurst, CAP-XX or Maxwell ultracapacitors and Super Capacitors in our online store.