Ultracapacitor Applications

Military Ultracapacitor Applications


As the applications for ultracapacitors grow, the Military market segment has demonstrated an increasing need for custom ultracapacitor modules, to address a variety of power challenges. Custom PowerBurst ultracapacitor solutions from Tecate Group fills this need.

Metering (AMR) Ultracapacitor Applications

Metering (AMR)

Tecate Group ultracapacitors and ultracapacitor assemblies offer a broad line of off the shelf and custom solutions for the most demanding back-up power applications. From design to production, Tecate offers industry leading service and expertise to quickly turn ideas into products.

Data Storage Ultracapacitor Applications

Data Storage

Utilizing Tecate Group ultracapacitors and supercapacitors for short-term back-up power in storage devices allows designers to eliminate battery back-up units (BBU), along with the associated maintenance and monitoring issues. This also removes the environmental compliance headaches related to battery disposal, and the ultracapacitor also offers superior shelf life compared to batteries. A properly sized ultracapacitor solution will last the life of the storage system.