Tecate Group offers an array of aluminum electrolytic and ceramic capacitors and ultracapacitors/supercapacitors for AMR/AMI applications. These capacitors and ultracapacitors/supercapacitors are available in a variety of through-hole and SMD packages and are ideal for filtering, circuit protection, and backup power in various AMR/AMI systems. Some of their many applications include:
  • TPL ultracapacitors/supercapacitors for battery-free last-gasp power support in AMR radios.
  • MXWRU SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors for use in power supplies.
  • CMX SMD X/Y capacitors for circuit protection in AMR/AMI systems.
  • PC5 and TC series ultracapacitors/supercapacitors for low-profile short-term backup power in AMR/AMI systems.