AC Safety Capacitors

Tecate group offers a family of AC Safety Capacitors for X and Y class applications which require across the line and line to ground protection. This product is UL recognized and IEC 60384-1 compliant, and available in SMD and radial through hole packages. These capacitors are ideal for providing surge and transient protection to sensitive electronic circuitry, as well as the users. These devices are also commonly used to filter EMI in power supply applications.


CMX Series

Surface Mount MLC X1/Y2 and X2/Y3 Safety capacitors available in NPO and X7R dielectrics. Body sizes from 1808 to 2825.

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MPXM Series


Compact size Radial box style X2 polypropylene Safety capacitors.

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Tecate Safety Capacitor Overview

  • Safety capacitors are high voltage, circuit-specific capacitors, commonly rated at 250 VAC. This product is designed to handle high voltage impulses and transients, as well as protect users from harm due to electrical shock.
  • Tecate Group offers X and Y Safety capacitors in both ceramic SMD styles and polypropylene film capacitors in a radial box style package.
  • The Tecate Ceramic CMX X/Y capacitors are certified to various agency standards, which include IEC384-14, EN132400, IEC 60950 and UL60950.
  • Tecate Polypropylene film, MPXM, X2 capacitors, meet the demanding standards of UL1414, IEC384 14 11, VDE 0565 1 and EN132 400.

X and Y Safety Capacitor Basics

There are two major types of interference suppression/AC line filter safety capacitors, type X and type Y. The function of these capacitors is to protect against surges and transients, as well as providing EMI filtering . Safety capacitors are circuit-specific, and serve to protect the circuit and the user from high voltage surges by shunting the impulse energy to ground. One common cause of such surges is lightning strikes.

X Capacitors: Also known as "across the line capacitors." Class X safety capacitors are used between the "live" wires carrying the incoming AC current. These capacitors are used in applications where failure of the capacitor will not lead to risk of electrical shock to the user. A capacitor failure in this position will usually cause a fuse or circuit breaker to open.

Y Capacitors: Also known as "line to ground capacitors" (line bypass.) Y capacitors are used in applications where failure of the capacitor could lead to the danger of electrical shock to the user, if the ground connection is lost.

X/Y Capacitors: Some safety capacitors come with a combination designation. For Example , X1/Y2. This simply means that the capacitor can be used as an X1 capacitor in an "across the line" application, or as a Y2 capacitor in the "line to ground" portion of the circuit. Tecate offers both X1/Y2 and X2/Y3 multilayer ceramic safety capacitors.

Typical Line Filter Circuit: Safety capacitors are shown at C1 and C2. C1 would be and X type, "across the line" capacitor, and C2 would be a Y type "line to ground" safety capacitor.


During the certification process, two key tests performed are the Impulse and Endurance tests shown below. These are done to verify that the X/Y capacitor can withstand 10 impulses of alternating polarity, followed by a 1000 hour endurance AC life test. After completion of these two tests, the capacitors must still perform reliably in the circuit, under AC voltage conditions. These tests are part of the IEC 384-14 certification requirements.

Impulse Test Waveform

T1= 10 second, T2=700 second in Telecom applications (IEC 60950)

T1= 1.2 second, T2=500 second in Mains power applications (IEC 60384-14)

This is a 1000 hour AC life test where parts are subjected to 425 VAC/60 Hz, with a 10000 Vrms pulse, once per hour, lasting 0.1 seconds.

Tecate Safety Capacitor Voltage Ratings by Type

Sub Class Rated AC Voltage Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) Impulse Voltage Dielectric Type Tecate Series
X2 250 VAC 1500V AC at 60 Hz 2000 V Ceramic CMX
X2/Y3 250 VAC 1500V AC at 60 Hz 3000 V/NA Ceramic CMX
X1/Y2 250 VAC 1500V AC at 60 Hz 5000/6000 V Ceramic CMX
X2 275 VAC 1500V AC at 60 Hz 2500 V Polypropylene Film MPXM


Tecate XY Safety Capacitor Matrix

Tecate CMX Series- SMD Ceramic MLCC
  Safety Class/Capacitance Range
Body Size Dialectric Material Rated AC Voltage Operating Temp. Tecate Series X2/Y3 X1/Y2 X2
1808 X7R 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX 150 to 2200 pF 150 to 1000 pF  
1808 NPO 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX 2.0 to 1000 pF 2.0 to 330 pF  
1812 X7R 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX 330 to 4700 pF 130 to 1000 pF  
1812 NPO 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   2.0 to 680 pF  
2208 X7R 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   36 to 1000 pF  
2208 NPO 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   2.0 to 330 pF  
2211 X7R 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   68 to 2700 pF  
2211 NPO 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   2.0 to 1000pF  
2220 X7R 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   100 to 4700 pF 150 to 0.033 uF
2220 NPO 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX   2.0 to 1200 pF  
2825 X7R 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX     0.047 to 0.056 uF
2825 NPO 250Vrms -55 to 125 C CMX

Tecate MPXM Series- Film Capacitors
Body Size Dialectric Material Rated AC Voltage Operating Temp. Tecate Series X2/Y3 X1/Y2 X2
Compact Polypropylene 275 Vrms -40 to +100 C MPXM     0.01 uF to 1.0 uF

Termination Options

  • Flex Terminations: Available on all Tecate CMX series X/Y capacitors. The terminations are made with a flexible material that enables the capacitor to be more resistant to cracking, due to board flexure, or any thermal mismatch between the capacitors and the PCBA to which they are attached
  • Arc Protection: This is a coating available for CMX series parts that reduces surface arcing across board traces in high voltage applications.


X/Y Safety Capacitor Applications

RJ11 (Standard Phone Line)

  • xDSL
  • VOIP Phones
  • POS Terminals
  • Set-Top Boxes

Filters EMI between Tip and Ring lines and ground. Telephone line noise must be filtered per EN55024.

Besides providing filtering, the safety caps must be able to handle any impulse voltages per the voltage rating table above.

X/Y capacitors are also used in the Isolation circuit in RJ11 applications, to create isolation between the Telephone Network Voltage (TNV) and the Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV)

RJ11 applications use either X2/Y3 or X1/Y2 safety capacitors. The X1/Y2 offers better surge protection vs. the X2/Y3, but would also typically be more expensive.


AC/DC Power Supplies

X/Y capacitors are used on the input, or AC side, of the power supply to provide EMI filtering.

The capacitors must also be able to handle power surges, as the capacitors bridge the isolation barrier.

AC/DC power supplies commonly use X1/Y2 safety capacitors.