Inductors & Audio Components

Tecate has been a key supplier to some of the largest names in the audio industry since 1986.  Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality, responsiveness, and a willingness to work with our customers on their specific requirements.  We offer a wide range of custom inductors and audio components.

The Tecate Advantage: Inductor & Audio Component Products

Tecate’s custom inductors are designed and assembled to meet your exact specifications.  We also offer a large selection of audio components.  Among our full range of inductors and audio components are:

  • Audio inductors
  • Audio line transformers
  • Toroidal inductors and transformers
  • Loudspeaker drivers and transducers
  • Terminal cups
  • Binding posts
  • Barrier strips
  • Resistors
  • Bulbs
  • Circuit breakers
  • Jacks and switches

The Tecate Advantage: Inductor & Audio Component Features

  • Quality Components

We understand the importance of using only high-quality components to ensure that all of the inductors and audio components we manufacture will perform consistently over many years.  Tecate’s extensive offshore resources allow us to offer you a wide range of custom components at competitive prices.

  • Inductors

We carry a large selection of nylon and polycarbonate air core and steel I core inductor bobbins and offer standard and high temperature magnet wire.  Database tools allow us to compare specific inductance values, magnet wire sizes, and DC resistance values for each inductor.  This helps us to quickly determine the most effective inductor size and type to meet your design specifications.

  • Plastics

Tecate offers an extensive range of plastics design and assembly.  Our plastics capabilities include injection molding, extrusions, thermal forming, painting, and pad printing.

  • Metal Fabrication

Our broad array of metal fabrication techniques offer an alternative to plastics and give you more options for your design.  Our techniques include stamping and forming, die casting, extrusions, and machining.

  • Speaker Input Options

We offer a selection of standard off-the-shelf input plate and cups, both plastic and metal.  Our input terminal options include multiple binding posts and terminal blocks.  We also have a variety of Neutrik and quarter-inch connector systems, available for use in your design.
Tecate can design and tool custom injection molded input cups or metal stamped plates to meet your specifications.  Our design options include mounting directly onto the cup or plate, or wiring the input assembly to a satellite PC board.

  • Testing

All of the inductors and components we produce are RoHS-compliant and 100% tested before delivery.

Why Tecate?: Value-Added Services

  • The Customer Service Advantage

Exceptional customer service is the hallmark of the Tecate Group’s success.  Over many years, we have earned an outstanding reputation for consistently superior service and flexibility through our hard work and the value we place on our customer relationships.

  • The Documentation Advantage

We create and control complete AutoCAD specification documentation, incorporating 3-D modeling where appropriate.

  • The Prototyping Advantage

We produce quick-turn prototype inductor samples in our San Diego lab, allowing you to approve designs quickly and thereby improve your time to market.

  • The Inventory Control Advantage

We provide logistics management and worldwide shipping direct from Asia or from our California warehouse.  We offer inventory programs customized to meet your needs, including blanket orders and safety stock.

Contact us to begin constructing your inductor or audio component today!