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Tecate Group offers a wide range of standard and custom Tecate PowerBurst® ultracapacitor cells and modules, and is a stocking distributor of Maxwell ultracapacitors, and the CAP-XX low profile, low ESR supercapacitors. With custom packaging available, we can help you design a solution tailored to your needs. Supercapacitors are being adopted in many applications that were previously battery only. With extremely low ESR, and high capacitance, supercapacitors are now an ideal choice for short term back-up of primary power.

Design Support
Tecate PowerBurst
Tecate PowererBurst Ultracapacitors and supercapacitors. Cells and custom modules.
Capacitance: 0.250F to 1,500F
Voltage: 2.3 to 64.8 VDC
Cap-XX Supercapacitors
Cap-XX Surface Mount Supercapacitor Modules.
Capacitance: 0.075F to 2.4F
Voltage: 2.75 to 5.5 VDC
Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies Ultracapacitor Cells and Modules
Capacitance: 10F to 3,400F
Voltage: 2.5 to 125 VDC