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Ultracapacitors and Supercapaitors in automatic meter reading (AMR) Applications

Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting status and consumption for electric, gas or water meters. The data collected is then transferred to a central location via wireless network. This technology eliminates the providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read a meter, and also allows them to provide real time billing and usage information to end users. Since the data is transmitted via a wireless network, burst of energy is needed during the transmission cycle as well and backup energy needed in case of a power outage. Therefore most of the AMR manufacturers have looked at incorporating an ultracapacitor solution within each device to satisfy this demand. Tecate Group with its broad range of ultracapacitor products offer a variety of standard and custom cells and modules with extended temperature range which are currently used within this industry.

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Ultracapacitor Announcements

Introducing PowerBurst PC6 Ultracapacitor Cells

Tecate Group is happy to announce the expansion of our PC series of ultracapacitor products. The new Tecate PowerBurst® PC6 ultracapacitor. This new cell utilizes the same high reliability, hermetically sealed stainless steel package as our popular PC5 cells. Additionally, the PC6 offers 6F of capacitance, a 50% increase, and boasts a DC ESR of 300 mOhms, a 40% decrease, while maintaining the same mechanical dimensions as the PC5.

These new cells are ideal for space constrained, short term power back-up applications.

These include:

  • AMR
  • SSD
  • Battery hot swap
  • Medical instrumentation


PC Series data sheet

PC6 Photo

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Ultracapacitor Press Releases

Tecate's High-Temp PowerBurst TPLE Series Ultracapacitors Operate to +85°C and Feature Cells Ranging from 5F to 100F

New Parts' Performance Targets RAID Storage, Smart Grid, and Industrial Electronics Applications

The Tecate Group, a leading global supplier of ultracapacitors and capacitors, today announced the newest member of their PowerBurst® family of cylindrical, radial-leaded ultracapacitor cells. The new TPLE Series of PowerBurst ultracapacitors is 100% RoHS compliant and offers extended operating temperatures. Rapidly becoming designers’ preferred choice to supplement—and in some cases replace—batteries, these electrochemical double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) offer extremely low equivalent series resistance (ESR) for high power and low loss during operation. The lightweight, small form factor parts are maintenance-free, boast an extended 85°C upper operating temperature limit, and offer a high charge/discharge cycle life along with high useable capacity. Moreover, these low-leakage-current ultracapacitors charge quickly and safely and deliver frequent energy pulses without harmful effects or reduced life.

Used for pulse and hold-up power in handheld and portable devices that use microprocessors, the TPLE Series of general-purpose ultracapacitors may be confidently specified for energy storage in the broadest range of space-constrained applications. They are optimal for use in storage, battery packs, wireless communications, mobile computing, and industrial applications. The parts are most commonly employed in such areas as RAID storage, smart grids, portable data terminals, peak power shaving, and remote monitoring equipment. Tecate’s TPLE Series ultracapacitors can also be used in conjunction with batteries or other power sources when those batteries or power sources alone do not meet performance objectives, such as using cells to hold or bridge power when the primary power source fails or when a battery is swapped out. These capacitors notably feature an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, further making them a logical alternative to batteries in extended temperature applications.

The TPLE Series, rated at 2.3V, is provided in seven specific capacitance values ranging from 5F to 100F, and in sizes of 10mm (D) x 20mm (L) to 18mm (D) x 45mm (L). TPLE Series ultracapacitors feature a capacitance tolerance of -0% to +40%. Delivery is from stock to 8 weeks ARO. For more information about Tecate’s PowerBurst TPLE Series ultracapacitors, and to purchase them, visit www.tecategroup.com/ultracapacitors/powerburst.php.

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